Create a FREE Website


At the end of this Workshop you will walk away with your own FREE website! This training is for anyone who doesn’t yet have a WordPress website and would like to: 1) create a free WordPress website as well as 2) have it hosted for free.


Learn how to create a free website: At the end of this Workshop you will walk away with your own FREE website! This training is for anyone who doesn’t yet have a WordPress website and would like to: 1) create a free WorldPress website as well as 2) have it hosted for free. 

Creating a website and then help people meet their needs whilst achieving your business goals is useful and fun. More so if everything is free:

• FREE easy-to-build professional website

• and FREE hosting.

Create a FREE Website
Create and Publish a FREE Website

These days, having a website is as important as having a phone. Thousands of people are online searching for products and services. Thousands more are on social platforms.

Whatever your business or social interests, with simple to use tools you can get your own website up and running in no time!

Simply choose your template, add a few details about your business and/ or hobbies, tell people how to contact you and press publish. Customers will be able to find your business in Google search results and on mobile devices.

Here’s what you get:

Do’s and Don’ts

A couple of “Golden Rules” to get you started.

Domain Name

How to search for a Domain Name

Web Hosting Companies

Which to use, which to avoid? Yahoo, HostGator, BlueHost, Google Sites, AfriHost, WordPress

FREE Platforms

Which to use, which to avoid? Woza online (retired), Wix, Google, WordPress

Setup a Profile

Settings in the Admin Area

• General

• Writing

• Reading

• Discussion

• Media

• Rating

• Sharing


• All Users

• Invite New

• Personal Settings


Setup a Gravatar Profile.

  • Set Screen Options
  • Add/ edit/ a couple of pages s.a Home, Contact Us, Gallery
  • Page Attributes
  • Set Featured Image
Posts/ Blogs

•  Add New

• Add Photos/ Photo Gallery

• Categories

• Tags

Photos, Galleries and Photo Albums

Managing Photos in WordPress-Photos, Galleries and Photo Albums-2

Media Search

How to quickly search for a photo in the media library: it enables you to search by ‘item’, ‘date’, ‘keyword’.

Image Attachment Details
  • URL
  • Title
  • Caption
  • Alt text – let images help your Search Engine rankings
  • Description
Image Attachment Display Setting
  • Media File
  • Attachment Page
  • Custom URL
Gallery Type
  • Thumbnail Grid
  • Tiled Mosaic
  • Square Tiles
  • Circles
  • Tiled Columns
  • Slideshow
Wrap Text

Wrap text around Image

Embed Videos

Embed a YouTube Video to a Page or Post; Embed a Video as a Widget

Google Maps

Easily add, customize and embed Google maps on pages and posts and… widgets


Choose a theme – you can change the look of your blog with over 380 attractive WordPress themes ranging from professional to fun to crazy, and you can switch themes instantly with just a click of a button. Each theme allows you to customize your sidebar using widgets, and several themes let you upload your own photo or image for the header bar.


Add a Nav Bar, Menus and drop-down Menus


• Blogs I Follow – display linked images for the blogs you follow

• Facebook like box – display a Facebook Like Box to connect visitors to your Facebook Page

• Follow button – add a WordPress follow button to allow people to follow your blog easier

• Gallery – display a photo gallery or slideshow as a widget

• Gravatar Profile – display a mini version of your Gravatar Profile

• Top Posts & Pages – shows your most viewed posts and pages.

• Top Rated – a list of your top rated posts, pages or comments.

• and more…

Site Stats

Days, weeks and months; Referrers; Search Engine Terms; Totals, Followers and Shares; Top Posts and Pages; Clicks; Enhanced Stats

Mobile Theme

Enable mobile theme

  • How to create links and have them open on new pages
  • How to edit URLs on pages and posts
  • And more…

Refreshments: There will be a tea break.

What to bring: a lap-top and a mouse (a tablet is useless for this type of training). There is WiFi at the venue (but bring your 3G/ 4G plugin as backup, should you have one).

Hands-on: This is a hands-on Event. During this workshop you are going to create your own website.

Meet new friends and learn how to create and publish a website.


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